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If you are born into Mediocrity, its not your fault. If you stay Mediocre, its all your fault.

I’ve heard from the most successful in my business, ‘Mediocrity is like a Black Hole. Its gravitational pull is immense.’ In their hours long instructions on how to escape mediocrity, the principles are as follows. You need the right Associations, running mates, partners, alliances. If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go together. You need to get into a vehicle that has the escape velocity required to get out of Mediocrity. You need a crew on board this vehicle to help operate all the systems. I refuse to accept my circumstances, I refuse to be average. The saying from the most successful in my business is, ‘If you are persistent, pushing, challenging the status quo, YOU shall be found.. Looks Like I am being found in the Master Key experience.

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MKE. Week 1. My 2nd time Experiencing the Master Keys.

This is my 2nd time going through the Master Key Experience. I’m super excited for new breakthroughs. My wife let me know yesterday that we are out of debt. When I started this program in 2021. I was at another one of my familiar low points in life. The family planned a trip to Disney…

Week 23. Master Key Experience

What is Gods currency? Answer. Time. 1. Did you spend it wisely? 2. How much of it do you have left? 3. Do you want to be more, do more, have more? In other words. Make changes to your circumstances? 4. What would the person you intend to become do next? How do you answer…

Week 22 Master Key Experience

It’s been three weeks since my last post. The intensity of my life has increased. My bank account is loaded. Debts are being cleared. I started this course 6 months ago with over $150,000 in debt. $90k remains. At the pace I’m on, I’ll be free of this remaining obligation by September this year. What…

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