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The liberty, homes, purpose, and lifestyle I have today was a rough sketch in my mind from 20 years ago. My generation is the last to come out of the industrial age. A sheet metal worker, welder by trade out of high school.  Working in factories in England from the age of 16 to 21 and then moving to the states to work as a temporary employee in factories and warehouses in the early 90’s.  looking back, I could see that I had low identity of myself.  I now know that comes from the working-class environment that I grew up in.  Mother struggled to provide for us.  My dad couldn’t hold a job, his personality is bitterly course to this day.  I know its not my dad’s fault nor my mums.  I knew deep down that I had to break the cycle of poverty and chaos, I didn’t know how.  We didn’t have access to things like YouTube, Webinars, Google, computers etc.  I didn’t have access to mentors, although I did have what I would call father figures who would look out for me and coach me as I worked alongside them in factories.

Britain went through a recession when the European Union joined in 1993.  I was let go as a sheet metal worker due to company closure.  Unemployed, broke, I fell into a depression.  My parents had moved to the States a year prior.  They sent for me. I’ve been in the States ever since.

Took me 5 years to adjust to the fast paced, shallow American culture. I learned, ‘Its not what you know, its who you know’ that helps you get ahead in the States. I didn’t know anyone. Looking for work in the trades was difficult. As a Skilled Sheet Metal worker/fabricator, It was impossible to get into the Union protected jobs, I didn’t have the connections, I failed stupid little employment screening tests. I would call a wrench a spanner, supervisors would laugh me out the door. A wrench is what it’s called in America. A Spanner is a wrench in England. American to English Language barrier I suppose. I also sensed racism. My phone interviews went really well. Once I’d arrive for my in person interviews. I could instantly see the disapproval of me. The people who set up the interviews had an instant change of tone and a sense of urgency to get me out of the way. Desperate to make a living, I ended up as a temp worker in factories and warehouses stamping out washers for bolts, growing crystals for LED’s, delivering anodized parts, loading trucks I hated all these Bull Shit jobs. I was 23 at the time.

I met my wife whilst working a sales job. A place called The Good Guys Electronics store. I sucked so badly in sales. No training provided. I hated Sales. It was SOOO painful. I vowed to never be in Sales ever again. I decided to go back to college. Learn a different trade. I live in the Bay Area, everyone seems to be computer specialist of some sort. So, I figured I’d learn about that stuff. Not knowing anything about colleges in the States, I enrolled at Heald College. Now defunct. This college successfully took my money and taught me nothing I could use in the real world. Working nights at Intel as a temp to working at Hewlett Packard as a Temp to then working at Sun Micorsystems as a temp. I made friends with people in the tech support department. They, brought me on as a full-time employee. Earning a whopping $26 an hour, the most I’ve ever made in my life, with over-time I brought home close to $70,000. I felt Rich.

Married, Mortgage, two children. Unemployed in 2003. I’m 30. My severance package was enough to cover my expenses for 6 months. Sun Micro had closed down during the implosion. Many of my co-workers moved out of State to remain with the remnants of the company. To this day, those guys never recovered. I wouldn’t want their lifestyle. I don’t think they would want to experience the growing pains I went through to make me who I am today.

In self reflection during one of my many low points in life, I noticed a pattern in my history. I was born in 1973. England was in the middle of a huge recession. My dad struggled during that time. He was in his late 20’s. 1983 Britain had the highest unemployment on record, my dad was one of the many out of work, we moved to a rental home in Northampton, England. As kids, we called this the wooden house. No furniture, no carpet, no heating. My dad was depressed, he was a very scary angry man. I relate to that feeling of despair. 1993, European Union recession. 2003. Dot.Com implosion. Everyone knows what happened in 2008-09.. The Great Recession. This decade is called the Lost decade for my generation, Generation X. We are also labeled the Sandwich generation. My parents, my brother and his wife and new born son, my sister and her 2 kids, and my younger sister all lived in one house in those recessionary years, I lived with my now three children and wife in a tiny box room. Talk about rough times. We persevered.

I was prospected and recruited into WFG. I reported directly to one of the Top brokers in the company. He taught everyone how to CloZe with a Z. I absorbed everything. The most difficult part of my journey was unlearning. My old identity and beliefs were extremely difficult to shed. I owe a lot of my success to what I learned in this highly competitive environment. The old belief about Sales had to go. Because of the coaching and mentoring I received, I recruited about 100 people, out of the 100. 4 of them became Senior Brokers. For me to become a senior broker, I had to give up those 4 people who now have amazing agencies of their own. By this time, I had experienced adversity where it had now given me thick skin. I was much calmer and poised. I made real money. We’re now bringing in about $20,000 a month. My team has grown and died off three times. I learned from my mistakes. Now I have 9 direct Leaders in my agency. I help support their growth. I speak in front of thousands and give hope, inspiration, wisdom, and principals to those who have the same deep desire to succeed as I have. I’m a Deca-Millionaire. My lifestyle isn’t that of a show off. I enjoy the drive and smell of leaking petrol and old leather from my classic European cars. People think I’m weird because I work on them myself. My home is a compound, that looks more like a whimsical castle with turrets flanking the corners. I love the fact that my parents and In-Laws live with us on our property in their cozy homes. My Children designed this home with my wife and I when they were in the teens and early twenties. I did that on purpose. As I wanted them to take ownership of what they will be inheriting. They see us live by example and so they have set an example for their children, my grand children. I’m fortunate to have them over every day as my children have homes next to ours. We are a huge loving family, We look out for one another. The grounds we keep are impeccably manicured. The scent throughout our home makes everyone feel welcome. I love helping families and couples achieve breakthroughs and success. I’m doing Gods work. I’m helping build Heaven on Earth. From Rough Sketch in my mind years ago, to working on myself and creating detailed specific plans, to reality within 20 years. From 2003 to 2023

Rav Barring

Published by Rav Barring

I’m learning about me and how far I can take myself without recoiling back. The hits I take hurt more as I age. I’m not one to quit. I’m going to get to see my vision become a reality or die trying. Either way, my family wins financially and experientially.

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