Week 9 The Master Key Experience

Imagine.. if you were a refrigerator, toaster, or a microwave oven, even a stove. How useful would you be if you were not plugged into electricity? Or if you didn’t have a slice of bread to toast, or a TV dinner to zap, a pot of water to boil, or a beer to chill.

Visualization is the Mechanism to which we connect to the universal mind. The Source.

Let’s go back to the 1st paragraph. An appliance can either take up space or be put to use. Let’s say, the Appliance is You. The physical body and mind. The Electricity the appliance uses is normally on standby mode until an external demand is placed on you. In the case of a stove being turned on at the highest setting to boil a pot of water. We humans may operate at this level of demand. Going from a condition of high demand to stand by mode in life.

In my case, debt was a massive problem. I have the ability to get out of $100k of debt in one year. I’ve done it to myself three times. When I get out, I chill out. Aka, Stand by mode. Debt is the pot of water that I set on the stove to boil. Or the beer I set in the fridge to chill or the slice of bread I place in the toaster to toast. My subconscious programming successfully performed the function of getting me in debt and getting me out of debt. I say successfully on purpose. Ever had burnt toast? Beer that’s turned to Ice? A pot of water with the water boiled out? Not the desired outcome we want is it?

As of this writing, I have visualized the conditions I expect to manifest in the world without. Visualization is an activity that requires correct thinking. It’s a daily exercise. At first, the Visualization exercise will be challenging, the Images are vague or get interrupted by nonsense thought. Use the law of substitution. I’ve gotten good at this. As we visualize daily, more of our brain cells are recruited. The connection to source is powerful. I’m in control. The subconscious is being written over. My body and mind are in harmony with the power from universal mind. I am connected via visualization.

I hope this all makes sense for you.

Published by Rav Barring

I’m learning about me and how far I can take myself without recoiling back. The hits I take hurt more as I age. I’m not one to quit. I’m going to get to see my vision become a reality or die trying. Either way, my family wins financially and experientially.

2 thoughts on “Week 9 The Master Key Experience

  1. I often find myself using the Law of substitution as well (especially during visualization or the 15 min sit exercise!) I like the way you broke down the thoughts behind appliances and then relating it to you personally. Isn’t it amazing how each of these exercises is re-writing subby and creating a whole new blueprint! Way to go 🙂

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