Week 12 Master Key Experience

The compass. Your Purpose and the power of Love.

The experience of looking into the mirror and aligning myself with my purpose statement. Inner harmony. Child like joy. Tears shed, as I think of the world of people who occur to be lost and I am found.

The compass makes more sense to me, follow the direction of my purpose. Like magic, I’m giddy that things my conscious mind chased with frustration are now coming to me almost daily. An ‘are you freaking kidding me’, Moments happen to me almost daily.

Follow the 7 Rules of the Mind exactly.

Follow the Master Key Experience exactly as instructed. Daily out loud repetitive readings. keep the last hour before bed sacred. Write out your daily successes, from the smallest thing such as being on time, driving safely and arriving at your destination, brushing your teeth. These little wins stack up and compound in your spirit.

Cool stuff.

I can see and experience the essence of work put into the material world. This is akin to seeing through the material world and being connected to the creator.

In my Sit, I look forward to, being child like at play, I Love the moment of being still. In my mind, building, seeing below, behind, above and through in fascination to what I am creating from the atomic molecular level to the expanding universe traveling beyond light speed . Seeing and feeling the Beauty and the Love that comes from within that also blankets me in the world without. It’s a magical experience.

Published by Rav Barring

I’m learning about me and how far I can take myself without recoiling back. The hits I take hurt more as I age. I’m not one to quit. I’m going to get to see my vision become a reality or die trying. Either way, my family wins financially and experientially.

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