Week 15 Master Key Experience

Among reading and re-reading to gain awesome clarity, Charles Hannel, the wisdom of Og Mandino, our own creation; Definite Major purpose, each precise word of Napoleon Hill’s Blue Print Builder, writing 3 joy invoking gratitude index cards per day, reading each line of our service index cards and celebrating each line achieved like I won the super bowl. The new exciting exercises this week are the, Benjamin Franklin Maker over ( an exercise which uncovers amazing blind spots in life). And, Listening to the ‘Strangest Secret’ by Earl Nightingale every day.

Most people have quit the Master Key Experience for unknown reasons. I am a full time employee, I work 7 days a week, I’m up at 6am and I go to bed by midnight. I also am building a business after, before and during my day job, it is growing because of my personal growth and increased capacity and energy that I didn’t have before the Master Key Experience. I am a family man with 3 children and a wife who supports my journey.

Below are my notes from listening to Earl Nightingale. Note; I’ve listened to this recording several times over the last 8 years. It wasn’t till the Master Key Experience that this recording had a whole deeper meaning to me. It was like a brand new listening for me this time around.

‘The only people who succeed are those who deliberately work towards their worthy ideal. Only 1 out of 20 people do this. People with a mapped out plan for their life tend to be buoyant as they sail in the direction of their worthy ideal.’

‘It is said that the human race is fixed, not to prevent the strong from winning, but to prevent the weak from losing. The American economy today can be likened to a convoy in time of war, the entire economy is slowed down to protect its weakest link just as the convoy has to go at the speed of its slowest vessel just to remain in formation. That’s why its so easy to make a living today. It doesn’t take brains or any particular talent to make a living to support a family today. We have a plateau of so called security if that is what a person is looking for’.

‘We do have to decide how high above this plateau we want to aim’.

‘The Key to Success and Failure is carried on the same fob. We become what we think about. Many scholars, teachers, wise men, prophets, unanimously agree to this one point.

Human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of mind’.

I want to share, the thoughts of quit, feeling of exhaustion, moments of emptiness, have hit me every day throughout the week. I chose to follow what I’ve been shown in the Master Key Experience. Just do the exercises, internalize the 7 Laws of the Mind. This is the work that so few are willing to put forth for an amazing, audacious, auspicious life experience.

With Love and Abundance. Rav B.

Words are the Architecture of Civilization. Words are the Passport to Success.

Published by Rav Barring

I’m learning about me and how far I can take myself without recoiling back. The hits I take hurt more as I age. I’m not one to quit. I’m going to get to see my vision become a reality or die trying. Either way, my family wins financially and experientially.

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