Week 16. Master Key Experience

WOW! Since beginning this course a few months ago, I’ve learned to concentrate and entertain thoughts in my ‘sits’ aka meditation, focusing on my Definite Chief Aim. Today. I spoke to my cousin who is also my best friend. I have not spoke to in a long while. Here’s what’s crazy! I didn’t share my Chief Aim with her, neither did I drop any hints. She had the exact same same thought I do. EXACT!!!

I read weeks earlier in the Master Key Experience that millions of cells and connections will wire and fire in the universal mind to bring forth the resources and people that will help manifest what I desire.

This experience today, was a confirmation. I’d love to share what it is I and my cousin Imagine exactly the same, I’d rather show what will become.

It’s a huge project, it’s for our elders and for our our families, for all of us when we enter the later stages of life, it’s to preserve dignity, it’s a bit of Heaven on Earth.

Trust in God.

Published by Rav Barring

I’m learning about me and how far I can take myself without recoiling back. The hits I take hurt more as I age. I’m not one to quit. I’m going to get to see my vision become a reality or die trying. Either way, my family wins financially and experientially.

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