Week 20. Master Key Experience

Question: What are we working to breakthrough?

Answer: The Cement.

Question: What is the ‘Cement’?

Answer: It’s all the crap that’s put on you and I by the external world. The beliefs and thoughts of others impressed upon you by family, friends n foe, news, adverts, environments, our own negative thoughts.

Question: What’s the benefit of breaking through the cement?

Answer: You begin navigating your life focused on purpose, joy, freedom and fulfillment.

Questions: What work is involved in Breaking through the cement?

Answer: The kind of work so few are willing to put themselves through. Working on Habits, perspectives, discipline, meditation. The results of which may or may not be seen quickly. Letting go of incapacitating labels that you have bought throughout life and held onto. These labels become a crutch or wheel chair that you and I have grown accustomed to and become comfortable with. Letting go is very uncomfortable. You may fight the people within the course or quit the course all together. Not realizing you quit on yourself. Not the course or the people.

Question: How is this course different from Tony Robbins and the likes of him in personal development?

Answer: Its real work. If you want an amazing physique, you can’t just read and watch a few videos and lectures. You have to do the exercising and eating healthy part, It’s not going to cost 10,000 like a Tony Robbins seminar does. It’s not motivational, it’s not all theory. There is accountability, there is action to take, folks in the course can tell if you are doing the work, they can see the cement you may be trying to hide. You cannot fool anyone in this course but yourself. The difference you’ll see in your life is incredible, indescribable.

I wrote this for myself. To myself.

I always keep my promises. Rav Barring.

Published by Rav Barring

I’m learning about me and how far I can take myself without recoiling back. The hits I take hurt more as I age. I’m not one to quit. I’m going to get to see my vision become a reality or die trying. Either way, my family wins financially and experientially.

2 thoughts on “Week 20. Master Key Experience

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Yeah people want to bask in the glow of a finished product but most are unwilling to put in the hard work. Unfortunately we live in a microwave society. But know the REALDEAL😎

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