Week 13 Master Key Experience

Amazing to see how reading the same material over the course of the week gave me new deep insights. What if I only read the material once, I doubt my subconscious would have had a chance to draw elaborate tangents. Habits do not rely on feeling. I don’t feel like reading, what ever is happeningContinue reading “Week 13 Master Key Experience”

Week 12 Master Key Experience

The compass. Your Purpose and the power of Love. The experience of looking into the mirror and aligning myself with my purpose statement. Inner harmony. Child like joy. Tears shed, as I think of the world of people who occur to be lost and I am found. The compass makes more sense to me, followContinue reading “Week 12 Master Key Experience”

Week 10 The Master Key Experience

Have you ever heard of the Boomerang affect? How about, ‘We reap what we sow?’ What ever you desire for yourself, affirm it for others. Don’t you feel that requires effort? The kind of effort so few are willing to put forth? There is a cause and effect relationship between the world within us andContinue reading “Week 10 The Master Key Experience”

Week 8. The Master Key Experience

6am Alarm sounds. I’m wide awake. Best time to Meditate. Sitting completely still. I go to work on what I’ve been imaging on the screen of my mind continuing from the day before. These images are grander and more detailed. I recall only a few weeks ago, this was a mentally taxing exercise. In today’sContinue reading “Week 8. The Master Key Experience”

Week 7 of The Master Key Experience

The Subconscious is not conscious of itself. The Conscious is aware of itself. The conscious part of who we are doesn’t control our heart beat, breathing, cell growth and repair. The conscious part of who we are is only cognizant of the physical, through which our five senses interface with the world around us. TheContinue reading “Week 7 of The Master Key Experience”