MKE. Week 1. My 2nd time Experiencing the Master Keys.

This is my 2nd time going through the Master Key Experience. I’m super excited for new breakthroughs. My wife let me know yesterday that we are out of debt. When I started this program in 2021. I was at another one of my familiar low points in life. The family planned a trip to DisneyContinue reading “MKE. Week 1. My 2nd time Experiencing the Master Keys.”

Week 21. The Master Key Experience

I Know…..I HAVE…… the ability…….. to achieve…… the object……. of…… MY……. Definite Purpose… life. Think Really Big. From how I see things, God pays more attention to those who are creating Big things life. Just like an art teacher leaning over the pupil seated in class creating a master piece. The teacher dotes over theContinue reading “Week 21. The Master Key Experience”

Week 20. Master Key Experience

Question: What are we working to breakthrough? Answer: The Cement. Question: What is the ‘Cement’? Answer: It’s all the crap that’s put on you and I by the external world. The beliefs and thoughts of others impressed upon you by family, friends n foe, news, adverts, environments, our own negative thoughts. Question: What’s the benefitContinue reading “Week 20. Master Key Experience”

Week 19 Master Key Experience

I was not being in harmony, consistent and fired up these last two weeks with regards to the exercise of reading Og Mandino’s Greatest Sales man 3 times per day, Blue Print Builder and DMP, the 15 minute sit, time with my guide, master mind group, Benjamin Franklin Makeover, 3 Gratitude’s per day, reading myContinue reading “Week 19 Master Key Experience”

Week 17 of the Master Key Experience

Harmony in the world within is seen and felt by others in the external world. Most people escape the external world when they watch characters in a movie show.The actors playing in character have skillfully disconnected themselves from themselves to become someone else. (Heath Ledger was warned to be careful of his Character the Joker).Continue reading “Week 17 of the Master Key Experience”

Week 15 Master Key Experience

Among reading and re-reading to gain awesome clarity, Charles Hannel, the wisdom of Og Mandino, our own creation; Definite Major purpose, each precise word of Napoleon Hill’s Blue Print Builder, writing 3 joy invoking gratitude index cards per day, reading each line of our service index cards and celebrating each line achieved like I wonContinue reading “Week 15 Master Key Experience”